Humidor Solution 16oz Propylene Glycol

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  • Keep Your Cigars Fresher, Longer: Use Essential Values humidor solution in your personal cigar box, cabinet humidor, travel humidor, or cigar humidifier of your choice. Our high-quality propylene glycol for cigar humidors maintains 70% RH (relative humidity), keeping your humidor from molding or drying out.
  • BEST VALUE – Our 16oz Humidor Solution Can’t Be Beat On Price! We’ve Engineered A Cost-Effective Economical Solution To Keep Your Stogies Fresh
  • The Proof is in the Taste: Every cigar lover knows that keeping cigar tobacco fresh is as important as having a good cigar cutter. Our humidor liquid will ensure that your collection stays in good shape with minimal maintenance — no scale buildup, no dust or debris, no bitterness from over-humidification, no loss of flavor due to dryness. When you use our cigar humidifier solution, your choice cigars will always taste their best.
  • Convenient & Versatile: Protect your cigar collection without the hassle of mixing unknown solvents or distilling water. Unlike humidity control packs and powdered rescue remedies, our polypropylene glycol humidor solution is premixed and non-toxic. Plus, our cigar humidor solution comes with a flip-top bottle that makes it easy to use and works with all cigar humidifiers.
  • Safe, Gentle, & Made in the USA: Our humidor fluid is made from propylene glycol, which is odorless, non-toxic, and non-irritating. It acts as a protective barrier and maintains the RH level that keeps the taste, texture, and quality of your cigars consistent.
  • Incredible Value: Each 16 oz bottle works for many uses, meaning you get almost a year’s worth of clean humidor glycol solution from a single purchase! We recommend using the humidor solution no more than every 2–3 months.

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